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  • Significant reduction in set-up times due to the use of the FLYRAIL beam, high manoeuvrability of the elements and connection speed.
  • No need to interrupt road or rail routes thanks to the possibility of setting up the FLYDECK plan with FLYRAIL beam from any access point and then continuing in any direction;
  • The provisional structure is accessed from a pile or embankment without interrupting road flow;
  • Total safety for the workers during the anchorage phases.
  • It is always possible to complete the FLYDECK deck with your own railings or any type of scaffolding.
  • Considerable fatigue relief for the workers due to the Flyrail beam that supports the weight of the cantilever beams;
  • 25 cm aluminium truss with special X-reinforcement for high manoeuvrability and excellent load-bearing capacity;
  • Connection of the beams by spigot and special spring pins that make the connection much faster than using screw nuts;
  • Laying of safety nets during the creation of the work surface: no need for sub-bridges with a significant reduction in set-up time and overall weight of the structure;
  • Economic advantages in transport and handling due to the low weight of aluminium;
  • Space reduced by half for storage thanks to the 25 cm beams;
  • The FLYRAIL system can also be used with other types of truss.